Call of Duty Mobile fight royale ongoing interaction direct : Fly helicopters, be a Ninja, fight beasts

Call of Duty Mobile battle royale gameplay guide : Fly helicopters, be a Ninja, battle monsters
People in India who are into mobile gaming have found a new obsession these days: Call of Duty Mobile. First of all, the name itself was the pull for the gamer crowd. Secondly, the game is being lauded for its graphics and smooth and speedy gameplay. We had given you some tips and tricks earlier to ace the Multiplayer mode of the game. The other mode is the battle royale one which the PUBG playing crowd would be quite familiar with. And here will give you a quick peek into it. The battle royale mode in Call of Duty: Mobile gets unlocked after you reach level 7 in multiplayer matches. For those who haven’t checked it out yet, here is our little guide at what you will find.


You can switch to the first person from third person in-game
 You can choose to play battle royale either in a first-person or third-person mode. The beautiful thing is that you can switch between both the modes in-game whenever you want. But this option is only there in TPP. 

You can’t switch to TPP from an FPP game. Switching these modes when inside the match at will, whenever you want and for as long as you want, is not possible in PUBG Mobile.  You can fly helicopters  You can fly choppers! Yes, and make them land easily without much harm. They are also easy to control.  Meet monsters and zombies 

 You won't meet them everywhere but would have to face them sparingly. We fought a group of three or four zombies that spawned at a random location and also met a dragon-type monster at a specific location marked in the map.  Rappel up or down using ropes  You can rappel up or down with the help of connecting ropes between the beacon towers. 

They are helpful because in the mountainous areas where they are placed, it takes time to move, especially if you find a jagged cliff in front of you.  Six military classes to choose from 
 There are six classes for you to choose from: Ninja, Medic, Clown, Defender, Mechanic, and Airborne. Except for all the first five mentioned classes, Airborne will be found locked if you have just begun playing COD Mobile. Each one comes with a different set of abilities. For example, being a Ninja, you can use a grappling hook to move quickly. The Defender can build a shield around him within seconds to protect himself and his teammates from enemy gunfire. We will be covering these classes soon in detail.  

Not a lot of maps to try out. Actually, there’s only one 

There are not a lot of maps in the battle royale game. Just the one called Isolated.  Shooting is easy in both first-person and third-person  
In the third person, there is no crosshair for your gun by default. You would have to switch to the aiming sight. Play in whatever style you prefer. Shooting is easy in both modes.  Play solo or in teams of two, three or four 
 Play it solo, in teams of two or four. You don’t necessarily need to have your friends alongside you to play. A maximum of 100 players can join the game.  

The Squad Fill option lets you choose only the people you want to play with. You need not have an extra fourth unknown member if you just want to play with two buddies of yours. Uncheck the Squad Fill option for that flexibility.  You jump out of the plane in a wingsuit. If you go out of the zone when mid-air, you will be alerted. Teammates can follow anyone in the team. 

If you haven’t followed anyone, you will be automatically following player #1. Unfollow and go your own way if you want. After choosing a location on the map, you jump and then can choose to para drop there or, if you change your mind, someplace else.

Mark the enemy’s location with just a tap 

You can mark an enemy’s location in real-time with just a tap of a button given specifically for that like if you spotted him near a house, his last seen position will be marked there. This would be beneficial for your teammates as the location would show in the game and it would be easier to take out the guy. They don’t have to check the map for that.

 You jump in the battlefield with a knife 

 You get a knife by default. And it is pretty effective if you are good at moving smartly around your enemy and stabbing. Arm yourself with the weapons that will be lying around. The part that we liked was that it is easy to find weapons with good damage rates early in the game. 

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