Google contracts previous Microsoft official as G Suite head

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In its bid to take on Microsoft Office, Google has hired former Microsoft Executive Javier Soltero to run its G Suite business, which includes GmailGoogle Docs, Google Drive and more.

 Soltero announced his new job on Twitter on Monday.  "Some news on the professional front... I've joined Google to lead the G Suite team! The opportunity to work with this team on products that have such a profound impact on the lives of people around the world is a real and rare privilege. I'm excited to get to work," he tweeted.

Soltero was Microsoft's Head of digital Assistant Cortana who left the company as it had moved from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research division into the Experiences and Devices group.
 He first came to Microsoft when the tech giant acquired his start-up Acompli, which later became Outlook Mobile. 
 After leading the Outlook Mobile team for several months, he lead the overall Outlook team at Microsoft, MSPoweruser reported.

Soltero, will run the consumer and business sides of G Suite, managing Google's productivity and collaboration tools for both enterprise customers and consumers. 

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