The most effective method to spare and share a site as PDF on Apple iPhone and iPad

How to save and share a website as PDF on Apple iPhone and iPad
Among all other features that iOS13 and iPadOS 13 brought along, the ability to save any article or a website as PDF is one of the most underrated. The update now allows users to save and share any article or website in PDF format right from the browser screen. Here’s how to do it.



iOS13 or iPadOS13 must be installed on the device 
Working internet connectivity 
 Steps to save a long screenshot as PDF Before proceeding with the steps, do understand that the PDF created using a screenshot will have the width of the iPhone or iPad screen and not the regular A4 size. 
1. Open any website or article on Safari 
2. Then switch to ‘Reader mode’ by tapping on ‘AA’ button from the top-left corner of the address bar 
3. Then switch to ‘Reader mode’ by tapping on ‘AA’ button from the top-left corner of the address bar 
4. Now, take a screenshot using the right key combination based on the device you are using 
5. Tap on the screenshot preview at the bottom left corner 
6. It will open the screenshot editor window 
7. From screenshot editor, tap on ‘Full page’ to capture the entire website or page 
8. Tap on Done and choose the option ‘Save PDF to Files’ 
9. Choose the location and hit ‘Save’ in Files app 

If you want to share it, tap on the Share icon from top right and choose the application to share the PDF 

 Steps to save a website as PDF using Safari browser share menu 
1. Open any website in Safari and tap on the Share button 
2. At the Share option window, tap on ‘Options’ placed just below the title of the page 
3. Choose ‘PDF’ or ‘Reader PDF’ and tap on ‘Done’ 
Reader PDF is a stripped-down version that removes ads and other visuals from the page.  
4. Now, from the Share window, tap on ‘Save to Files’ 
5. Choose the location and tap on ‘Save’ in Files app 
 To open it, head to Files app, locate the file and tap on it to preview. You can also tap on the Share button to view the file in any other PDF reader or share it with anyone. 

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