This major WhatsApp Scam is back, don't get bulldozed

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Remember the "Adidas free shoes" scam messages that had spread like a wildfire on WhatsApp last year? The same scam is now back in India again. Readers are highly advised not to believe in any “free Adidas shoes” messages that they receive over WhatsApp and click on a malicious URL. Be advised that there is no such offer officially from Adidas and if you happen to receive any message that reads: “Adidas is giving away 700 Free Pair of Shoes and 7000 T-shirts* to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Get your free shoes at **link**”, simply delete it and refrain from sharing it further. 

The same scam was circulated last year with a message that read: "Adidas is giving away 3,000 Free Pair of Shoes to celebrate its 93rd anniversary. Get your free shoes at:..."

 Tapping the URL in these type of message lead users to a fake website called “anniversaries[dot]win”. This website is asking for personal user information and requests visitors to further send the message on WhatsApp to another 15 users. The funny part is that the website even asks for shoe size to make the website appear legit. Adidas is not the only company to be targeted by such scam messages. Earlier, a similar message claiming to be from Zara went viral. 

A similar message was shared during the festive season last year to take advantage of sales by Flipkart and Amazon India. Some miscreants created a fake 'Amazon sale' campaign to trick people to share their personal information. The campaign claimed to provide up to 99 percent discount on a range of products along with a "Shop Now" link that redirected people to a phishing website. Readers are advised not to click on any link that comes with any such messages as these are common ways to trick people into willingly sharing their personal data and login credentials. 

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