Best apps to play games with friends during coronavirus lockdown

The world has been suffering from Covid 19 outbreak since the beginning of the year. More than one million people have been infected with this virus. The pandemic has made the government of various countries to lock down in an attempt to reduce the spread off the deadly virus.

This has caused so many people stuck indoors for the foreseeable future which nobody knows when it will end.

However, staying social  while social distancing has never been easier than to a near-endless array of online chat and gaming apps that can help keep you connected while in isolation.
So the following apps games can be helpful to you while indoor and serves as a means of keeping yourself busy and playing.

Jackbox Games
The selection of party games offered by jackbox games makes this collection arguably the best option for hosting a proper game night.
Its catalogue includes the wildly popular drawing game Drawful 2, the witty word challenge Quiplash, and the bluffing game Fibbage.
Classic board game apps
It is worthy to note that almost board games have an online equivalent,  often with identical game play adapted for playing on tablets and any other electronic gadgets.
Not all of them have completely succeeded in making the transition from tabletop to digital, as some of them don’t allow players to join friends and family online.
Quiz Up
Quiz up provides platform to play head-to-head battles against friends of start entire tournaments against people.
However it is worthy to know that the biggest trivia app in the world features 1,200 topics containing more than 600,000 questions to challenge people on everything from general knowledge to basic maths problem.

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